Swapnil Bhartiya Résumé

I am a journalist and writer who has been covering Linux & Open Source for 10 years. I am also a science fiction writer whose stories have been broadcasted on Indian radio and published in leading Indian magazines.

Founder & Editor: LinuxVeda.com

Publications I currently contribute to:
Linux Magazine

Publications I wrote for in past:
Linux For You (Assistant Editor)
EFYTimes (Assistant Editor)

Detailed Bio:
I started my writing career in 2005 after completing my postgraduate Mass Communication and Journalism program from JMI University in New Delhi, India.

I joined the EFY Magazine group, one of the leading technology magazine groups of India, who publish the magazines Electronics For You and Linux For You.

I was hired to create and establish a new property, EFYtimes – which rose to popularity quite quickly. The magazine group also organized a recurring leading Linux event called LinuxAsia, where I met notable Linux/Open Source luminaries, which sparked a new focus to my journalism. I started covering Linux/Open Source exclusively for the group.

I landed EFYtimes/Linux For You magazine their first interview of Linus Torvalds; I worked closely with open source companies and communities to get exclusive inputs for stories. I wrote several in-depth stories for the group including the two high profiled stories: Microsoft’s accusation that Linux infringes upon their patents [PDF1] and the entire OOXL/ODF saga [PDF 2]& [PDF3].

I left the magazine in 2009 when I moved to Germany and started my own Linux-focused news site which evolved into Linux Veda in 2014.

I attended many large events like CeBit (Hannover), Mobile World Congress(Barcelona) and LinuxCon Europe(Prague). After 2 years in Germany, I moved to Brussels, Belgium and lived there for two more years, and attended events like FOSDEM, interacting closely with the open source communities and companies of Europe (which is more or less a hub of most free software projects). In 2013, I moved to the US (DC area) and I continue to follow my passion for writing about Linux and Open Source.

What I am interested in writing
Linux & Open Source (including Chrome OS and Android), cloud-computing, privacy, open standard, etc. are the areas of my interest and expertise.

I offer post-news analysis, features/articles on open source projects, hands-on product/project reviews, easy-to-follow tutorials, interviews, opinion, etc.

I use Linux (Arch Linux, OpenSUSE and Kubuntu), Android and Chrome OS in addition to iOS and Mac OS X. I offer stories about all of these plafforms.

A list of my work is below:

Stories for the Linux Foundation’s Linux.com

Stories for ITWorld:

Stories for Linux Magazine

Stories for Linux For You:

Stories for LinuxVeda blog:

PDF 1: http://www.linuxveda.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/34-36-Microsoft-story.pdf
PDF 2: http://www.linuxveda.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/OOXML-ODF-Story.pdf
PDF 3: http://www.linuxveda.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/OOXML-ODF-2.pdf