The 5 best distros for the Gnome desktop

Gnome is a great great desktop environment that offers an elegant and simplified Linux experience. These are the 5 best distros for Gnome that offer it as the default DE.


Gnome 3.16 was released recently and I considered it to be one of the best Gnome releases ever. A few weeks ago we did an extremely popular story on some of the best distros which offer great Plasma experience. So I decided to check out which distros offer a similar kind of Gnome experience.

I have been using Gnome 3.16 on several machines and I am extremely impressed with the improvements, though I think there is still a lot to be improved. From among all the distros that I used, I picked those that offered the best Gnome experience out of the box.

The story was first published on ITWorld!

  • Muda

    i use Arch Linux

  • Daniel Sandman

    Yeah, Arch is probably the best.. a bit surprised it was not mentioned.

  • Eduardo de Figueiredo

    Of all Linux distributions that I used so far, Arch Linux was the one that delivered to me the best GNOME experience.

  • meulto itau

    Arch has really one of the best GNOME experiences. I only switched to Fedora because I can’t use my printer with Arch.

  • Marc van Geel

    That is true, Arch does have the best Gnome experience to my opinion also.