Things to do after installing Ubuntu 15.04


The latest edition of Ubuntu, version 15.04, was released last week. It’s a great upgrade, though it still doesn’t showcase all the goodies Canonical has been developing, such as Mir and Unity 8.

Just like any other operating system (sans Windows or Mac OS X), Ubuntu comes with a decent stack of applications pre-installed. They have done a great job at pre-installing applications such as Thunderbird, Firefox and LibreOffice. These are the best of the breed open source applications which are quite popular even on Windows and Mac OS X.

However, defaults are not for everyone. Every operating system needs some work to optimize it for a user’s workflow. Then there are a lot of defaults in Ubuntu that need to be changed in order to protect your privacy, and configure your system to get most out of Ubuntu.

These are not mandatory. You may or may not use some of these. So without further ado, let’s get started.