Install Linux Kernel 4.0 in CentOS and Ubuntu


Linux Torvalds recently announced Linux kernel 4.0, codenamed “Hurr durr I’m a sheep”. Unfortunately, Kernel 4.0 doesn’t have any major new features, or performance improvements. It almost has the same features that the latest version of 3.x branch had. But, Torvalds assures the upcoming 4.1 version is going to be a big release.

What’s new in Kernel 4.0?

  • Live Kernel Patching, ability to install security kernel updates ‘without reboot’.
  • DisplayPort Audio, and better better fan control support for the Radeon DRM driver.
  • Graphics and power-management support for Intel’s Skylake processors
  • Intel Quark SoC support
  • PlayStation PS 3 support.
  • New ARM hardware support, IBM z13 support, better Toshiba laptop support, improved Logitech HID support, and more.

This tutorial describes how to install Linux Kernel 4.0 in RPM and DEB based systems. A word of caution: before upgrading to the new Kernel, backup your important data.

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