Digia spins Qt unit as a separate company

As the adoption of Qt is increasing in commercial as well as Open Source projects the company behind the project, Digia, has decided to spin Qt unit as a new company.

Digia has been facing a resource challenge with Qt as 75% of the contribution comes from Digia employees. Qt has dual presence one at qt.digia.com and one at qt.project.com and these two sites or two entities have drifted apart instead of coming closer. Now what is the difference between the two? Same as with any open source project and commercial product. qt.digia.com is all about commercial offering whereas qr-project is all about the community.

It doesn’t stop there, even if the source code is same, the installer for commercial product is different from the installer for the community.

Lars Knoll, CTO of Digia and the chief Qt maintainer says, “In the long term, this split is helping nobody. The fragmentation actually weakens our ecosystem and makes it difficult to position Qt against competing technologies and tools. It also makes it very hard to speak with one voice and consistently highlight the benefits of the technology and product.”

Another irony of Qt is that since the two entities operates separately they end up competing with each other, which only damages the project.

So Digia has decided to merge qt.digia.com and qt-project.org into a new website. They will offer single installer for commercial and community versions so it is easier for the users of community version to migrate to the enterprise offering. Lars says that this will …”also significantly simplify our releasing process. With these simplifications we expect to be able to deliver better tested and higher-quality packages to the whole ecosystem.”

The plan was discussed with the main Qt developers back in June at the Qt Contributor Summit and now the company is executing it.

Digia acquired Qt from Nokia, which under Stephen Elop’s leadership killed all major open source projects at Nokia to turn the once market leader into a ‘unit’ of Microsoft. Qt is one of the most used open source technologies around and its adoption is growing day by day.