Second alpha of Kubuntu 14.10 and other buntus released

The Ubuntu developers have released the second alpha of the Utopic Unicorn (to become 14.10). Since Ubuntu Unity doesn’t participate in alpha releases, the alpha includes ISO images for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, UbuntuKylin and the Ubuntu Cloud. Xubuntu is once again missing from the alpha release.

The bad news for those Kubuntu users who are excited about Plasma 5 is that this alpha doesn’t come with P5. Plasma 5 is in early stage of development and a lot of core features are still missing. Thus Kubuntu developer have decided to stick to the current Plasma (4.x series).

Iain Lane explains on the mailing list, “Kubuntu development is now focusing on the next generation of KDE Software, Plasma 5. This is not yet stable enough for everyday use, so we are still shipping the Plasma 1 desktop on our image which has been updated to the latest version in the alpha.”

Plasma 5 will be offered via a separate ISO with the final release of Kubuntu which is scheduled for October. Those who want to test Plasma 5 on Kubuntu can get help from this article.

You can download the ISO image of your favorite distro from below links:

Download Alpha 2 of Kubuntu

Download Alpha 2 of  Lubuntu

Download Alpha 2 of Ubuntu GNOME

Download Alpha 2 of  UbuntuKylin