Ubuntu: Through the Eyes of a Travel Blogger

Peter and Dalene Heck are two digital nomads who have been travelling the world since 2009. Originally from Canada they gave up their home, vehicles and pets in exchange for backpacks, computer and a camera. They stayed with us in Brussels and that’s when Peter decided to replace Windows on his netbook with Ubuntu. I asked him to share his opinion about Ubuntu, and here is what he has to say. You can read more about the adventurous lifestyle these two have chosen on Hecktic Travels. Their story is truly inspiring – Swapnil Bhartiya.

Peter’s Take On Ubuntu
As travel bloggers, our main tool is our computer. We are on the road 365 days of the year and on our machine at least a couple of hours a day. We need it to perform to its best ability in order to maintain efficiency while on the road. Most of all we can’t be bothered with a slow operating system, or worrying about the threat of viruses.

Here are 5 reasons why we made the decision to have Ubuntu installed on our Lenovo Netbook:

Reliability – Ubuntu provides the reliability that Windows could not. The operating system speed has at least tripled in comparison with using Windows 7. We are not pulling our hair out waiting for a program to load, experiencing hang-ups or delays when switching screens or shutting-down. All actions are instantaneous.

Security – Working with Ubuntu means that it is near impossible for a virus to live in a Linux environment. We can rest at night knowing that we don’t need to have an anti-virus program installed to protect our machine and files from malware or trojans.

Easy to Install Applications – with Ubuntu it comes with a handy software center and is your one stop shop for finding the program you need. You search for the software you need and then click to install, meaning no painful searching the web for the software you need.

Free – Ubuntu’s open source platform means that everything is FREE!! You can’t beat that price, especially because travel blogging definitely doesn’t come with a glamorous paycheck.

Community – If you need help learning or have a problem, the Linux community is abundant and always willing to help. They seem to actually care about their users.

Based on our “on-the-move” lifestyle and dependency on our computer we expect performance without flaw. The Ubuntu OS certainly has impressed us and we would recommend it to anybody who wants to break the Microsoft chain.

Authored by Peter Heck reposted from Muktware.com

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