Here comes the first release of Plasma 5

The KDE Community has announced the first release of Plasma 5. It’s a release candidate so it’s meant for testing and preview purpose, like the developer preview of Android L. The final release will be announced next week so this is the last chance for testers and developers to find issues and get them fixed before the release.

Martin Gräßlin the developer of KWin writes on Google+, “Give some last testing to our release candidate so that we can fix the last issues (I hardly got new bug reports for KWin lately, so either it’s rock solid or people aren’t testing enough ;-)”

How to test?

The best way to test it is via Neon 5 ISO image which is kept updated with the latest builds. But if you want to install it on your system then you can do it very easily on Kubuntu, openSUSE or Arch Linux.


Before you test it out on openSUSE, keep in mind that it’s pre-release software so things may break, test it only on your testing machine.

Get KDE Framework 5 & Plasma on openSUE


Download the built packages from the Next PPA for Kubuntu.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next
sudo apt-get update && upgrade

Now log-out and log into Plasma 5 desktops

Arch users

KDE Framework 5 packages are already there in Arch Linux’ unstable repositories. If you want to try it out, then check the blog post of Andrea Scarpino.