Geary Mail

Newest mail client for Linux, has a clean interface, supports conversation view, has nice layout and is reasonably fast to load. Geary supports HTML emails viewing and composing, addressbook autocomplete and autoconfiguration of Gmail, Yahoo and mail accounts. Currently Geary supports only POP3 and IMAP mail accounts.

However, customisation options are very limited. No real font support. No signature support. Geary is still being developed and is really not ready for full fledged usage. This mail client has great potential to be one of the best mail clients. Geary can be installed from Ubuntu Software Centre or from your distribution’s repositories.

  • marcgott

    You’re missing a paragraph or two from Claws

  • AndrĂ© Lourenço

    New and great app

    • Nick J Chackowsky

      One month free, then $84 per year?