Claws Mail

However, there are problems with signature as it does not allow you to add signature on the top when replying to a message. Compose window does not allow you to highlight any text. Customisation options are also limited. Download Opera browser from here.

Super fast mail client but no HTML support by default. This is undoubtedly the best email client if you prefer plain text mails. Plugins can be installed but they have to be manually loaded every time you want to load HTML mails. The UI isn’t fancy either. Calws mail supports POP and IMAP accounts and can be installed from the software repository of your distribution.

  • marcgott

    You’re missing a paragraph or two from Claws

  • AndrĂ© Lourenço

    New and great app

    • Nick J Chackowsky

      One month free, then $84 per year?