Best email clients for Linux

In the age of mobile computing and browser based mails like Gmail and, most users won’t bother about opening up a desktop mail client to check emails. However, there are certain situations where desktop email clients are much better than browser based clients and help gain productivity at workplace.

Linux desktop has a number of desktop email clients. Although, they are not spoilt for choices like Mac and Windows users but there are mail clients are as good as Apple Mail or MS Outlook. Below is a list of email clients for Linux desktop which are the best in business.

  • Tsais

    Thunderbird seems to have an insanely retarded default to delete email messages without asking, unless you change a bunch of setting after you install it?

    Can someone here list ALL settings needed to be changed, so Thunderbird will NEVER EVER, EVER delete an email without the user’s express command for deletion given?

    • vijaiaeroastro

      Try to understand the difference between imap and pop. Imap sync’s with your mail server while pop does it one way (it just fetches).. If you don’t want anything to happen to your webmail its wise to simply use pop.. That way u can use webclient once in a while and not have much trouble :)

      • arnieswap

        Don’t use Pop if you don’t want to access mails via -web-client or multiple clients and POP won’t leave the message on web-server. So if your client machine is gone your mails are gone too. Use IMAP instead.

        • Sayantan Das

          Actually, you can enable POP to leave messages on the server. Currently I’m using POP coz IMAP is blocked at my workplace. Just enabled “Delete after 0 days” on the server option on Evolution.

          • arnieswap

            Not all email clients have the option to ‘delete after 0 days’ and since its ‘opt-in’ the users who didn’t do that will suffer badly when they find emails are missing from there server. We should always recommend the safer method for new users.

          • Sayantan Das

            Well, not giving them the option is also not a good thing! Just make them aware and they can choose :)


    No mention of SeaMonkey? I’m surprised.

  • Eduardo Llaguno

    This Addon helps with the integration of Lightning and Gnome Clock, which also works with Ubuntu-Unity.

  • Scott Lockwood III

    Note: There have been versions of Evolution for Windows. They’re pretty raw though.

  • Jeff Harris

    So where, exactly is this list?

    • arnieswap

      Check the pagination at the bottom of the post.

      • Jeff Harris

        All I see is two paragraphs, then ads, then a bio. Why would there be pagination tor a list?

        • Eron Greco Melo

          It is very common in lists (unfortunately it ends with our experience of reading). This makes the length of stay and the site acceptance rate increase. Tactical very low, I must say.

  • Regatzo

    I did come across your article and must hint you to FileOne.

    I’m a fan (and indeed an advocat) of that piece of software and one of the early testers. It is in its basic form an email client, note taking and organizer in one desktop app.

    It runs on most recent Linux distro’s and it runs on Microsoft Windows as well. The program is new and unique, since you can use it to create and store notes, documents and of course send and receive email with it. Additionally it stores all data in a single file that scales to huge amount of GBs, which you can transfer to another OS and continue to work with it. It has functions like: calendar and todo lists, outliner, note taker, can import and play music tracks and movies, can play online radio stations, can record from it and can be used as rich documentation media with text, audio and video. You can also hyperlink and structure all data using a treeview.

    Needless to say that I use it heavily in my day to day things.

    There is an movie to give you an idea.

    So no more Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird, EverNote or OneNote for me.

    • Evelino Belloli

      can’t find FileOne online…could you pls give us a URL ?

      I’m using Linux Mint con Thunderbird but not so happy …


  • cmorticum

    KMail is still my favorite, but I’ve also used KDE the longest out of any DE. I’m currently using Gnome 3.14, and I can’t get Evolution to work properly. I’ve set up my three accounts (all imap), and often I read and delete mail, and hours later find that that mail has reappeared in my inbox. It sometimes also gets stuck retrieving mail. All in all, I hate it. I tried the latest stable Geary. It too was buggy, lacked features, and doesn’t render emails properly that have a bunch of “embedded” emails in them (like from mailing lists). So now I’m using Thunderbird. No problems with it, aside from its lack of any proper integration into the major DEs. I’ll likely switch back to KDE and KMail, which I’ve had no problems with for the last year at least.

  • Mailcloud

    @Tsias, we busy building a solution so that all your email is archived “always”. :-) We actually put together this guide, would love to know what you think:

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