How to install Sublime Text in openSUSE

Ok. Sublime Text is not free software so why I am suggesting using it? Yes. It’s not free software, I agree. The point I am making is that GNU/Linux is a platform where you can install and use free as well as non-free applications. It very much depends on why you use GNU/Linux. If you are using it purely for software superiority then you will pick the best software from the lot; if you are using it for complete control over your computing then you will pick free software. Period. Having cleared that, let’s talk about Sublime Text Editor.

I have a MacBook Pro (I needed a decent hardware which has good screen and great battery life) and unfortunately there is a dearth of quality text editors such as Gedit or KATE which many GNU/Linux users take for granted. Sublime Text is one of the many 3rd-party applications that give a Mac user the tools that she would need. Since I have been using Sublime Text on Mac and my Chromebook, for the sake of trying it out, I went ahead and installed it on my openSUSE system as well.

Sublime Text is not free software – free as in beer as well as freedom. It’s a $70 software but it’s more or less a nagware. It will nag you once in a while to buy the licence. I am sure for how long you can use it. I have a licence for Mac so I don’t really care as I can use the same licence on multiple machines.

So if you already have Sublime Text licence and you want to use it on your openSUSE box as well, this article will help you. And as I said, you don’t need a licence to use it so you can give it a try either way.

Step #1 Grab the 32 or 64 bit tar based on your openSUSE architecture from this page

step #2 Once the package is downloaded cd to the directory where it’s downloaded and extract it:
tar vxjf Sublime_FILE_NAME.tar.bz2

Steap #3 Now let’s move the extracted folder to opt directory
sudo mv Sublime_FOLDER_NAME /opt/

Step #4 Then create a symlink in bin
sudo ln -s /opt/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text /usr//bin/sublime

Now you can easily start Sublime Text from the Konsole by running



You can also add it to menu manually by right clicking on the openSUSE icon/launcher and select edit applications. Then click on new item and enter name Sublime Text in the name and ‘sublime’ as command.

I grabbed the Sublime Text image/icon from Google/Wikipedia and used as the icon. Click on save and you are done.